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Zanzibar, whose actual name is Unguja Island, is a partner in the United Republic of Tanzania. It is located in the Indian Ocean about 35 km off the coast of mainland Tanzania at Longitude 39 degrees East and Latitude 6 degrees South of the Equator. The highest point of the island is 150 meters above sea level.

Many international airlines such as British Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Oman airlines, South African Airways, KLM, Swiss Airlines fly to Dar es Salaam from where you can take a local flight such as Precision air, Coastal or ZanAir to the island or choose to cross over by ferry ( the trip by sea last approximately 2 hours ). Some airlines such as Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and Oman airlines offer flights directly to Zanzibar. A number of European tour operators also operate regular weekly charter flights directly to the island.

Island Capital : Zanzibar Town

Population : 950.000

Island size : 1464 square km, 86 km long and only 36 km wide at the largest point.

Climate : Tropical, average temp. 25 degrees centigrade throughout the year . Long rains in April/May, short rains in October/November. 

Hot dry season from November to March.

Time Zone : GMT plus 3 hours

Language : Official languages are Kiswahili and English

Currency : Tanzanian Shilling

Telephone : Country code +255 Local area code 24

A few cellular phone companies are now operating on the island and rental of mobile phones is available for visitors.

Electricity : 220 Volts

Entry Documents : you will need a valid passport and a visa depending on the country of origin. 

Health : Prophylaxis for malaria highly recommended.

Airport : Zanzibar International Airport

Departure Tax : US$ 25

Driving : on the left--International Driving License required