Marhaba Restaurant

Seafood restaurant also serving local Zanzibari and international cusine very famous for our Traditional Zanzibari Dinner. The restaurant at Langi Langi is considered one of the best on the island offering some of the best Zanzibari food with variety of fresh from the ocean seafood. While having Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner you can also enjoy the stunning views of the Indian ocean and dhows sailing in the ocean.

"Unimpressed by the restaurants along the beach we head back to the hotel where the manager has a theory to explain the dearth of dining: most of the places on the sand cater for Italian tourists (that explains the ubiquity of pizza). Instead we're advised to go to Langi Langi, five minute's stroll away. Lit by soft l...amps and overlooking a satisfying curve of ocean, it serves zingingly fresh, expertly cooked grilled octopus and lobster tails for around £9 per main."

The Guardian.

Sele's Cooking Classes

This is totally unique, Langi Langi is the only hotel on the island that is offering cooking classes at our cafe, the hotel owner cum manager cum chef guides our guests in cooking some of the best Zanzibari cuisine and once you finish cooking our chef and all the guests who took part in the cooking class sit and dine together the food which they have cooked.


Bustani (a garden in Swahili)
Enjoy a quite time or read a book in the cool shadows of trees and the scents of fragrant flora in this tranquil reading garden.

Massage Deck
An exotic massage experience overlooking the pool.

Huduma (services in Swahili)
An internet café offering high speed satellite connection.
Money changing facility for guests.
Full service office facility with Fax machine, scanner, photo copying.
Call centre for local, national and international point.

Swimming pool and Kayak